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Verimag is or has been involved in the following Projects

Current Projects

    Supported by European Programs

  • BRAIN-IoT - European H2020, 2018-2020
    Model-Based Framework for Dependable Sensing and Actuation in Intelligent Decentralized IoT Systems
  • CITADEL - European H2020, 2016-2019
    CITADEL will build on the MILS technology accomplishments of D-MILS and Euro-MILS, and perform the research and development necessary to create adaptive MILS systems. We propose to use adaptive MILS in new and evolving adaptive systems contexts having strategic focus within the EU, such as Critical Infrastructures and the Internet of Things, where adaptability is a crucial ingredient for the safety and security of future systems, and where the rigorous construction and verification made possible by MILS holds particular promise.
  • ERGO - European, H2020, 2016-2019
    European Robotic Goal-Oriented Autonomous Controller The specific objective of ERGO is to deliver the most advanced but flexible space autonomous framework/system suitable for single and/or collaborative space robotic means/missions (orbital and surface rovers) demanding robust operations with adaptable levels of autonomy. Due to the intrinsic similarities of addressed scenarios, especially for what concerns surface applications, ERGO has to be/and has been thought so to be applicable to (...)
  • ESROCOS - European, H2020, 2016-2019
    ESROCOS proposal aims to develop a system with the following main objectives: Develop a Space-oriented RCOS: ESROCOS shall target space development needs by including space-grade RAMS attributes (refer to ESA ECSS standards) and off-line/on-line formal verification, Telemetry and Telecommand (TM/TC) messages and qualification of industrial drivers such as the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus or EtherCAT protocols. Two reference implementations shall be carried out on space representative (...)
  • SUCCESS - European, CHIST-ERA, 2016-2020
    The IoT has a great potential to provide novel services to humans in critical areas for society. This innovation however requires updating our understanding of the risks associated with the new technology so that we can deploy it with confidence and society can trust it. Amongst the biggest problems for this vision to become a reality are security flaws due to technical restrictions, immaturity of software applications, intrusion threats through new challenges in complex usage scenarios, (...)
  • UnCoVerCPS - European H2020, 2015-2018
    UnCoVerCPS develops and implements new methods to integrate formal verification methods into the control design of cyber-physical systems.
  • Supported by National Programs

  • CASERM - Persyval-Lab Equipe-Action 2016-2019
    CASERM : Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Multi-view Embedded Systems
  • ESTATE - ANR Project 2016-2020
    Enhancing Safety and self-sTAbilization in Time-varying distributed Environments
  • IoIT - Equipes-actions, Labex Persyval-lab 2015-2018
    Towards the Internet of Interactive Things Energy-Efficient Interactive Cyber-Physical Systems
  • VOCaL (The Verified OCaml Library) - ANR 2015-2019
    Our project aims at developing the first mechanically verified library of efficient general-purpose data structures and algorithms. This may come as a surprise, but there does not currently exist any verified library of significant size in any programming language. In the recent decades, a lot of effort has been invested into the development of program verification tools for mainstream languages such as C or Java, including efforts by members of our teams. These efforts have been successful (...)
  • Other Projects

  • Coopération Argosim - 2013-...
    The Argosim company, hosted in Verimag between 2013 and 2015, designed an industrial version of Lutin.
  • SECURIOT-2 - 2018-2020

Past Projects

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