title = { A Methodology and Supporting Tools for the Development of Component-Based Embedded Systems },
    author = {Poulhi\`es, Marc and Pulou, Jacques and Rippert, Christophe and Sifakis, Joseph},
    year = {2006},
    booktitle = {Composition of Embedded Systems. Scientific and Industrial Issues, 13th Monterey Workshop 2006, Paris, France, October 16-18, 2006, Revised Selected Papers},
    pages = {75-96},
    publisher = {Springer},
    series = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
    volume = {4888},
    team = {DCS, RSD, Other},
    abstract = {The paper presents a methodology and supporting tools for developing component-based embedded systems running on resource-limited hardware platforms. The methodology combines two complementary component frameworks in an integrated tool chain: BIP and Think. BIP is a framework for model-based development including a language for the description of heterogeneous systems, as well as associated simulation and verification tools. Think is a software component framework for the generation of small-footprint embedded systems. The tool chain allows generation, from system models described in BIP, of a set of functionally equivalent Think components. From these and libraries including OS services for a given hardware platform, a minimal system can be generated. We illustrate the results by modeling and implementing a software MPEG encoder on an iPod.},


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