title = {Practical Privacy-Preserving Multiparty Linear Programming Based on Problem Transformation },
    author = {Dreier, Jannik and Kerschbaum, Florian},
    month = {October},
    year = {2011},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Information Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust and Third IEEE International Conference on Social Computing (PASSAT/SocialCom'11)},
    pages = {916-924},
    team = {DCS},
    abstract = {Cryptographic solutions to privacy-preserving multiparty linear programming are slow. This makes them unsuitable for many economically important applications, such as supply chain optimization, whose size exceeds their practically feasible input range. In this paper we present a privacy-preserving trans- formation that allows secure outsourcing of the linear program computation in an ef?cient manner. We evaluate security by quantifying the leakage about the input after the transformation and present implementation results. Using this transformation, we can mostly replace the costly cryptographic operations and securely solve problems several orders of magnitude larger. },

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