title = {Modeling and Verification of Real Time Systems Using the {IF} Toolbox },
    author = {Bozga, Marius and Graf, Susanne and Mounier, Laurent and Ober, Iulian},
    year = {2008},
    booktitle = {Real Time Systems 1: Modeling and verification techniques},
    chapter = {9},
    publisher = {Hermes, Lavoisier},
    series = {Trait\'e IC2, s\'erie Informatique et syst\`emes d'information},
    volume = {1},
    team = {DCS,PACSS},
    abstract = {This chapter presents an overview on the IF toolset which is an environment for modeling and validation of heterogeneous real-time systems. The toolset is built upon a rich formalism, the IF notation, allowing structured automata-based system representations. Moreover, the IF notation is expressive enough to support real-time primitives and extensions of high-level modeling languages such as SDL and UML by means of structure preserving mappings. The core part of the IF toolset consists of a syntactic transformation component and an open exploration platform. The syntactic transformation component provides language level access to IF descriptions and has been used to implement static analysis and optimization techniques. The exploration platform gives access to the graph of possible executions. It has been connected to different state-of-the-artmodel-checking and test-case generation tools. A methodology for the use of the toolset is presented using a case study concerning the Ariane 5 flight program for which both an SDL and a UML model have been validated},

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