title = {A Model-Based Design and Validation Approach with the {OMEGA-UML} Profile and the {IF} Toolset },
    author = {Ben-Hafaiedh, Imene and Constant, Olivier and Graf, Susanne and Robbana, Riadh},
    year = {2009},
    booktitle = {2nd Mediterranean Conference on Intelligent Systems and Automation, CISA 2009, March 23-25, Zarzis, Tunesia},
    publisher = {American Institut of Physics},
    series = {AIP Conference Proceedings},
    volume = {1107},
    team = {DCS},
    abstract = {Intelligent, embedded systems such as autonomous robots and other industrial systems are becoming increasingly more heterogeneous with respect to the platforms on which they are implemented, and thus the software architecture more complex to design and analyse. In this context, it is important to have well-defined design methodologies which should be supported by (1) high level design concepts allowing to master the design complexity, (2) concepts for the expression of non-functional requirements and (3) analysis tools allowing to verify or invalidate that the system under development will be able to conform to its requirements. We illustrate here such an approach for the design of complex embedded systems on hand of a small case study used as a running example for illustration purposes. We briefly present the important concepts of the OMEGA-RT UML profile, we show how we use this profile in a modelling approach, and explain how these concepts are used in the IFx verification toolbox to integrate validation into the design flow and make scalable verification possible.},

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