title = { {LusSy}: an open Tool for the Analysis of Systems-on-a-Chip at the Transaction Level },
    author = {Moy, Matthieu and Maraninchi, Florence and Maillet-Contoz, Laurent},
    year = {2006},
    note = {special issue on {SystemC}-based systems},
    journal = {Design Automation for Embedded Systems},
    team = {SYNC},
    abstract = {We describe a toolbox for the analysis of Systems-on-a-chip written in {SystemC} at the transaction level. The tool is able to extract information from {SystemC} code, and to build a set of parallel automata that capture the semantics of a {SystemC} design, including the transaction-level specific constructs. As far as we know, this provides the first executable formal semantics of {SystemC}. Being implemented as a traditional compiler front-end, it is able to deal with general {SystemC} designs. The intermediate representation is now connected to existing formal verification tools via appropriate encodings. The toolbox is open and other tools will be used in the future.},


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