title = {Formalisation of Probabilistic Testing Semantics in Coq },
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    abstract = {Van Breugel et al. [F. van Breugel et al, Theor. Comput. Sci. 333(1-2):171-197, 2005] have given an elegant testing framework that can characterise probabilistic bisimulation, but its completeness proof is highly involved. Deng and Feng [Y. Deng and Y. Feng, Inf. Comput. 257:58-64, 2017] have simplified that result for finite-state processes. The crucial part in the latter work is an algorithm that can construct enhanced tests. We formalise the algorithm and prove its correctness by maintaining a number of subtle invariants in Coq. To support the formalisation, we develop a reusable library for manipulating finite sets. This sets an early example of formalising probabilistic concurrency theory or quantitative aspects of concurrency theory at large, which is a rich field to be pursued},

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