title = { {E}fficient and {P}layful {T}ools to {T}each {U}nix to {N}ew {S}tudents },
    author = {Moy, Matthieu},
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    hal_id = {hal-00574783}, keywords = {{U}nix, {E}ducation, {E}xam, {T}reasure {H}unt}, language = {{A}nglais}, affiliation = {{VERIMAG} - {VERIMAG} - {IMAG} - {CNRS} : {UMR}5104 - {U}niversit{\'e} {J}oseph {F}ourier - {G}renoble {I} - {I}nstitut {N}ational {P}olytechnique de {G}renoble - {INPG}}, audience = {internationale},
    abstract = {{T}eaching {U}nix to new students is a common tasks in many higher schools. {T}his paper presents an approach to such course where the students progress autonomously with the help of the teacher. {T}he traditional textbook is complemented with a wiki, and the main thread of the course is a game, in the form of a treasure hunt. {T}he course finishes with a lab exam, where students have to perform practical manipulations similar to the ones performed during the treasure hunt. {T}he exam is graded fully automatically. {T}his paper discusses the motivations and advantages of the approach, and gives an overall view of the tools we developed. {T}he tools are available from the web, and open-source, hence re-usable outside the {E}nsimag.},


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