title = {AMT2.0: Qualitative and Quantitative Trace Analysis with Extended Signal Temporal Logic },
    author = {Nickovic, Dejan and Lebeltel, Olivier and Maler, Oded and Ferr\'ere, Thomas and Ulus, Dogan},
    year = {2018},
    booktitle = {Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems},
    address = {Cham},
    pages = {303--319},
    publisher = {Springer International Publishing},
    team = {TEMPO},
    abstract = {We introduce in this paper AMT2.0, a tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of hybrid continuous and Boolean signals that combine numerical values and discrete events. The evaluation of the signals is based on rich temporal specifications expressed in extended Signal Temporal Logic (xSTL), which integrates Timed Regular Expressions (TRE) within Signal Temporal Logic (STL). The tool features qualitative monitoring (property satisfaction checking), trace diagnostics for explaining and justifying property violations and specification-driven measurement of quantitative features of the signal.},

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