title = { Improving {WCET} Evaluation using Linear Relation Analysis },
    author = {Raymond, Pascal and Maiza, Claire and Parent-Vigouroux, Catherine and Jahier, Erwan and Halbwachs, Nicolas and Carrier, Fabienne and Asavoae, Mihail and Boutonnet, R\'emy},
    year = {2019},
    journal = {Leibniz Transactions on Embedded Systems},
    number = {1},
    pages = {02--1-02:28},
    volume = {6},
    team = {SYNC, PACSS, axe_SharedResources},
    abstract = {The precision of a worst case execution time (WCET) evaluation tool on a given program is highly dependent on how the tool is able to detect and discard semantically infeasible executions of the program. In this paper, we propose to use the classical abstract interpretation-based method of linear relation analysis to discover and exploit relations between execution paths. For this purpose, we add auxiliary variables (counters) to the program to trace its execution paths. The results are easily incorporated in the classical workflow of a WCET evaluator, when the evaluator is based on the popular implicit path enumeration technique. We use existing tools - a WCET evaluator and a linear relation analyzer - to build and experiment a prototype implementation of this idea.},


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