title = {Polyhedra to the rescue of array interpolants },
    author = {Alberti, Francesco and Monniaux, David},
    year = {2015},
    booktitle = {ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, software verification and testing track},
    eprint = {hal-01178600},
    pages = {1745--1750},
    publisher = {ACM},
    team = {PACSS},
    category = {intc}, eprinttype = {HAL},
    abstract = {We propose a new approach to the automated verification of the correctness of programs handling arrays. An abstract interpreter supplies auxiliary numeric invariants to an interpolation-based refinement procedure suited to array programs. Experiments show that this combination approach, implemented in an enhanced version of the Booster software model-checker, performs better than the pure interpolationbased approach, at no additional cost.},

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