a tool for the analysis of pointer programs


L2CA is a tool for the analysis of pointer programs that manipulate singly-linked list data structures and integer variables. The tool translates an input program with lists into an equivalent integer program, which in turn, can be checked using existing off-the-shelf model checkers.

The supported back-ends are :


The current version of L2CA is available here : l2ca.tgz

The best way to get started with the tool is to go through one of the following examples :

 Installation instructions

Prerequisites :

  • JAVA version 1.6.0 or later

Unpack the archive and run :

java -jar l2ca.jar initial_configuration_file program_file


  • A. Bouajjani, M. Bozga, P. Habermehl, R. Iosif, P. Moro and T. Vojnar. Programs with Lists are Counter Automata. In Proc. 18th Intl Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV06), LNCS 4144, pp. 517—531.


Voir en ligne : L2CA homepage