Language Embedding

Generating BIP Models from Other Languages

Language embedding concerns the use of BIP as an unifying semantic model for structural representation of such different programming models or domain specific languages. We have developed a general method for generating BIP models from languages with well-defined operational semantics.


We present a rigorous method that allows to obtain a system model which faithfully represents the behavior of a mixed hardware/software system from a model of its Application Software, a model of its underlying Hardware Architecture, and a given Mapping. DOL is used as a frontend for describing the Application Software (in C), the Harware Architecture (in XML), and the Mapping (in XML). We have implementing a tool that takes DOL description and generates a system model in BIP. The tool uses C to BIP to translate Application Software (C) into BIP Software model.

The system model can be simulated and analyzed for the verification of both functional and extra-functional properties, using the BIP toolset, such as:

  1. Code generation for simulation/validation on a linux PC
  2. Functional correctness using the D-Finder tool, checking for deadlocks
  3. Transformations for code generation that uses send/receive primitives, for execution on distributed architectures.
  4. Performance analysis (e.g. latency), based on simulation and statistical model checking facility integrated with BIP.

This work was part of the PRO3D project.

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