BGLE, Investissement d’avenir, 2012-2015

The objective of the projet is to allow the Kalray enterprise, associated to a consortium of technological and applicative partners, to position as a leading provider on the market of manycore platforms for embedded systems. Kalray is developing MPPA, a manycore platform built using the most advanced silicon technology (CMOS 28nm) and integrating 256 VLIW optimized cores offering 500 GOPS or 200 GFLOPS computing power for a typical power envelope from 5 to 10W. Two key elements are considered in the project:

  • building an effective software environment and an eco-system of associated partners to Kalray
  • demonstration of the added-value of the MPPA technology on a wide variety of applications, significant for the market of emebdded systems.

Partners: Kalray

Verimag people involved: Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga, Anakreontas Mentis