Synchrone Team members


Professors & Assistant Professors
Karine Altisen email 0457422223 Grenoble INP
Stéphane Devismes email 0457422213 UGA
Claire Maiza email 0457422228 Grenoble INP
Florence Maraninchi email 0457422230 Grenoble INP
Catherine Parent-Vigouroux email 0457422236 UGA
Lionel Rieg email 0457422209 Grenoble INP
Susanne Graf email 0457422219 CNRS
Pascal Raymond email 0457422240 CNRS
Erwan Jahier email 0457422223 CNRS
PhD Candidates
Vincent Morice email Grenoble INP
Matheus Schuh email 22296 UGA-CIFRE KALRAY

In the Past

Past members are not listed here by default now. If you want to appear here, mail us ; indicate a valid and long-lasting url and/or mail if you want them/it to appear.

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