Saddek Bensalem email 0457422204 UGA
Yassine Lakhnech email 0457422224 UGA
Radu Iosif email 0457422221 CNRS
Joseph Sifakis email 0457422244 CNRS
Marius-Dorel Bozga email 0457422207 CNRS
Jacques Combaz email 0457422210 CNRS
Abdelhakim Baouya email UGA
Antoine El Hokayem email UGA
Mohammed Foughali email
Simon Iosti email UGA
PhD Candidates
Deborah Christine Durok Epouse Fontaine email UGA
Siham Khoussi email UGA
Tobias Rosenberger email
Xiao Xu email 0457422287 UGA

In the Past

Past members are not listed here by default now. If you want to appear here, mail us ; indicate a valid and long-lasting url and/or mail if you want them/it to appear.

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